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PT. System Electric Indonesia is The Only Official representative of System Electric, Which located in linsengericht, Germany. PT.System Electric Indonesia has been working together with System Electric Germany since 2006, We Have been Trusted by System Electric Germany as its sole agent in indonesia. System Electric has developed an automatic modular capacitor bank, which has been proven to be more compact and efficient

PT.System Electric Indonesia has been working not only in Capacitor Bank area, but we also provide other related services, such as power Network Development, Maintenance and Analyzation.

modular capacitor bank

Modular Capacitor Bank

Automatic capacitor bank, Ready for Connection, for the central compensation of reactive power in three phase supply systems with out or with slight harmonic load. An investment that usually pays back in less than two years.

Automatic Capacitor Bank with modular design ready to connect for the central compensation of reactive power in three phase electric supply system which provide following features :

  • Modular Equipped with NH Fuse Elements, Special capacitor contactor with special proceeding contacts for inrush current.
  • highly loadable, low losses, self healing capacitor with overpressure protection
  • unlimited expandable within an hour
  • without problems at connection and commissioning
  • compact design, smaller dimension than conventional capacitor bank with same capacity
  • self optimizing digital regulator
  • CONDENSOMATIC CR 2020 with load-depending switching characteristic and measuring of electrical parameter
  • Temperature control
  • made in germany
  • 12 months guarantee
power capacitor

Power Capacitor

Compensate Reactive power Improve mains quality

Low-loss, Self Healing, Ecological under high-vacuum dried and impregnated power-capacitors in a aluminum case with overpressure-safety

high switching-stability and capacity-constancy stable long-term behavior, long service life reliable overpressure safety generous, contact-safety terminals, IP20
resonator circuit reactors

Resonator Circuit Reactors

Detuned filter circuits reactors are used as series reactor for power capacitors to prevent resonance and overloads inside main with increased harmonic load. The reduction of harmonics will be reached, dependent of the reactor-protection rate, as a side effect.

Tuned wave-trap reactors for wave traps with selective absorption of inadmissible high harmonics.

power regulator

Power Regulator

CONDENSOMATICCR2020 – the innovative  Reactive  Power Controller

CONDENSOMATICCR2020–self-adapting,self- explainatory and keyword-guided reactive power controller with innovative operation,control and safety concept. Read out and monitoring of all important mains and system  data.

The regulator comes with 10 step  outputs an done alarm output. According to the arrangement of the graduation, even fine control  in solution can be cost-savingly realized with more than 30steps  in particular.

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